Friday, December 4, 2020 
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Shoom eTearSheets revolutionize ad fulfillment

Shoom eTearSheets facilitate the proof-of-publication process between publishers, advertisers, and agencies; it provides high-speed Web-based access to digital tearsheets and entire newspapers on the day of publication. Shoom’s hosted online service enables users to logon to a password-secured section of to monitor their own ads and keep track of competitive offerings across multiple markets. They can search, sort, and select ads by many criteria and browse entire newspapers for context and display impact.

Shoom eTearSheets saves significant time and space

With Shoom eTearSheets, both newspapers and advertisers gain significant time and space formerly devoted to paper tearsheets. Newspapers can invoice much sooner, and advertisers can verify invoices online; they simply key in ad numbers or other identifying data that take them directly to their tearsheets, where they can confirm ad measurements with the sizing tool that gives exact dimensions.

Shoom eTearSheets archives newspapers

Shoom's eTearSheets’ newspaper archive is an enormous repository of information that was previously unavailable in a single source. Authorized system users can tap this information to quickly and efficiently perform a variety of commercial tasks, such as audits, billing transactions, and marketing and advertising research.

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